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Why Rent
a Scooter

  • Easy Booking Process

    We have optimized the booking process so that our clients can experience the easiest and the safest service!

  • Best Option to See a City

    Renting a scooter is the best way to see a town for those who want to explore as many new places as possible.

  • Convenient Pick-Up & Return Process

    By following a few company’s policy rules, you get to pick up and return a scooter in a simple and convenient way.

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Clients About Us

Mila Collier

“Very happy with the scooter, the service, and the user-friendly app. You work really fast, guys. I will use your friendly service again and recommend it to my friends and colleagues. Thanks once again!”

Mila Collier
30 years

James Gordon

“The staff was extremely helpful and gave excellent advice on roads, etc. We were pleasantly surprised with the scooter and will not hesitate to return to you again. The trip to see my cousin was one of the reasons we stayed in town and the scooter rental enabled us to see more.”

James Gordon
30 years

Maisie Kaur

Great staff and very impressive scooters. I rented a yellow Tweet 50cc and I can say it made my trip! Now I want to buy myself one because it’s easier to travel by scooter in town. Thank you, TanTum!

Maisie Kaur
32 years
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We offer the fastest options only! Rent a scooter right now without having to wait in lines and receive it within 60 minutes. We do our best for you to get the maximum pleasure from your ride. Just download our app and enjoy the service!